One Hand Shooting - Why?

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I still practice one handed shooting with both hands. :naughty:
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oohrah wrote: Wed Jan 13, 2021 10:21 am I also practice with each hand, in addition to two-handed.
Last year when I ended up with a sprained wrist injury on my dominant hand I learned quickly the value of practicing with both hands. Not only shooting, but loading, racking etc.
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I think one handed shooting helps with concentration. I try shooting in all different ways. Still a terrible shot left handed, sometimes surprise my self right handed. My theory anyway.
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Along with shooting with your weak hand only, it's a really good idea to practice shooting with your non-dominant eye.

Perfect world: two hands, solid stance, dominant eye.

Crap hit the fan world: off hand only, that hand is wounded, your dominant eye is temporarily or permanently blinded, and you're on your back in the mud.
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