Meadowmere Park Grapevine "section H"

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Hello all!

I'm going to camp this weekend at Meadowmere Park in Grapevine. It appears to be a city park.

The rules state that all firearms are prohibited except where allowed under Subchapter H, chapter 411... The law that allows for CHL license in Texas.

Since Texas has open carry now, does this still apply? It's a city park, can they prohibit firearms on city property?

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This issue isn’t open carry, since that’s covered by LTC. What you’re REALLY asking (I think) is whether or not firearms possession at the park is protected by Constitutional Carry. My immediate answer is that I don’t believe so. And the reason I don’t believe so is that at least part of Meadowmere Park is under the authority of the Army Corps of Engineers…and so far as I know, they allow NO guns on ANY property they control, at least for some distance back (I forget how far) from the water's edge. I’m fairly certain that most of Meadowmere falls within that control.

Now that said, I no longer let the fedgov’t tell me where I can and can’t carry, and I have carried concealed at Meadowmere Park. I don’t give a shit. You do what you want as your conscience dictates,and I’m not urging you to do anything illegal, but as long as you’re discreet about it and don’t draw any law enforcement attention, you’re not likely to have much trouble.
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