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bblhd672 wrote: Fri Jul 16, 2021 12:52 pm
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Interesting letter. Worth a read.
Wayne LaPierre, Carolyn Meadows, Charles Cotton, Tom King, Marion Hammer, Scott Bach, Sandy Froman
Has Bloomberg/Everytown/Mom’s done nearly the damage to the NRA’s reputation as the names above?
I'm going to say no. What is ironic is if it weren't for the lawsuit, there wouldn't be as many eyes and questions as there is now on the NRA and if the members can actually get rid of the top, the NRA has the chance of coming out of this stronger. No lawsuit, this could continue for no telling how long. The members (myself included) deserve accountability for what and where our money is being spent. We gave them money on good faith that the money would be put to furthering the 2nd Amendment cause. Apparently we give them money to run away, hide on yachts, and give in incrementally to gun control at the federal level.

I've been more impressed the last few years with GOA than the NRA.
Why is it so hard for politicians to understand "shall not be infringed?"
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What I got out of it is simple. Senior level management screwed the pooch big time (unwittingly or not is irrelevant), and they've been doing so for decades. There needs to be accountability at the top. Right now, there isn't any. The NRA is going to be 150 years old this year. Unfortunately, it certainly feels like the company is being run by a bunch of 150 year old businessmen set in their old ways.
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It feels to me more like a megachurch. The people at the top are living a luxurious life at the expense of not just the members, but the organization itself. They are treated like cult leaders, totally insulated and protected by their inner sanctum.

The mission is secondary to their personal desires.
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I can't add much to this conversation except to say that I became a 5-year member about 5 years ago. With the seemingly ongoing scandal together with what seems like a total lack of attention to gun environment in DC, I can't imagine renewing my membership.

A little transparency would be really valuable to me right now, but something tells me we're not going to get that.
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Is Wayne LaPierre A Peril Or A Hazard? ... azard.html
So to answer the question posed in the headline, I think you could say that Wayne is the peril and his continuing presence at the top of the NRA is the hazard. Dumping the Gang of Four of Wayne, Carolyn, Charles, and Willes won’t cure the NRA’s problems but it would be a step in the right direction.
The Reload article:
Lloyd’s of London Won’t Renew Insurance for NRA Directors ... insurance/
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