A Soup Of Evil

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A Soup of Evil
There is something evil afoot. That’s not a unique statement in these times, but it’s the first time I’ve made it. It’s the first time I’ve felt like the forces of evil were not just scattered bits that could and would be censored out of society by the sheer revolting nature of their suggestions. It used to be good enough, in America, that when you spoke of admiration for Hitler/Pol Pot/Mao, that most people would stop listening to you. It was a sort of rudimentary canceling of its own, a stumbling block to the evil that would come later.
A couple of key things I’m watching right now, is the exertion with which they are promoting the vaccine and the audits being done of the previous election. It is their promotion of one thing that suggests it is evil and their devoted work against the other that suggests it is good. This is the battleground. It is literally at the point where one is safe in countering everything the government wants to do, everything.
The only thing that has become abundantly clear in the past few years is that the destruction of America, as it currently exists, is the plan of an inordinate number of different ideologies and organizations all focusing on that one purpose. I don’t know when we will fight back, how we will fight back, if we will fight back, or who we will fight, but we need to.
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And getting worse!:

Left-Wing Agenda Has Infiltrated the Texas State Guard

https://texasscorecard.com/commentary/h ... ate-guard/
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Is the TSG armed again? I know they were disarmed decades ago.

While they're officially "Texas Military", they aren't an armed force.
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