Signal and Telegram

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I'm curious if anyone here has made the switch to either of those as primary instant message applications. There seems to be a large influx to Signal, as seen here: ... new-users/

Hopefully it will be back up soon. I've been unable to send messages for a while now.
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Wife and I use Signal. Not working right now. Wonder if it's due to the migration from What's Ap or an attack from the lefty controllers?
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I've used Signal for a few years - it's a good app. Telegram - heard of it but never used it; supposedly the app of choice for Al Qaeda, etc.
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Nope. Just use good old text message. Never needed anything more.
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I forgot - I also use Theema, a Swiss app. $2.99 these days.
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I've had Signal for several years. I only have a couple of friends who insist on using it, but I like encryption.
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As you can see from the way Parler was shutdown last week — when our imperial oligarchy wants to cancel an app, it can do so instantly and with a vengeance. But Signal lives on and thrives, despite it being a supposed threat to the almighty surveillance powers of the United States of America.

If Signal’s super crypto tech truly posed a threat to the feds and to our oligarchy’s power, why would the feds bankroll its creation? And why would Facebook and Google rush to adopt its super-secure protocols? H’mmmmm…
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