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New (and old/well seasoned) member roll call! Reply here if you would like to introduce yourself and tell us a little about what brings you here!
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Hello from San Antonio. Long time CHL/LTC holder. Got mine in 1996, just as soon as they were available. Just about 25 years ago. I carry concealed just about every day, always one, often a weak side (left) pocket piece making it two. Many adventures during my carry years, many times I was very glad to be armed, but fortunately have never had to “drop the hammer” in a situation. I personally have no interest at all in carrying openly. I’ve often equated it to a “shoot me first” plan. But I respect the rights of those who feel different. As my wife often reminds me “You know, you are not always right Mr. Smarty Pants”.
I love living in Texas. Have been to several other states that honor Texas’ LTC, and have carried there. The worst 3 weeks of my life were going to New York State for business several years ago, and being unable to carry due to their impotent and misguided policies relating to handgun carry. Retired now and will NEVER again go to any state that does not honor the Texas LTC.
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Hello everyone. I have been on the TexasCHL forum for many years. Did a search to find out why it has been down the past couple weeks and found the link to this forum. I was in withdrawal from my lack of daily concealed carry info fix.
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Welcome all!

Also nice to see you again lightningrocks! I'm pumped to be seeing so many of the regulars again! :-)
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Howdy folks. I am on a few gun forums with this name and had been on the Texas CHL Forum since 2010 or so. I live in Fort Bend County and have been carrying since 2012.

I mainly shoot recreationally though I’ve thought about shooting competition prior to the current insanity.
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Went to a breakfast meeting of the old forum this morning
and it was mainly to find out what happened. Wanted to get started over here.
Glad this exists.
I feel we will be facing turbulent times ahead and will need unity and
combined knowledge to navigate them. This, of course, with good fellowship and opinions
and different backgrounds.
LTC holder and Instructor. NRA Instructor. Reloader.
Have enjoyed the shooting sports for many years.
Again, glad to be here.
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Welcome toc1!! :greetings-clappingyellow:
As well as all of the TexasCHL forum refugees!!
Looking forward to seeing the expansion of this forum.
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Hello all,
So I never really posted on the old forum even though I've been a member for around 5 years, and probably wont post much here, but I need my fix.
So I am extremely pleased to stumble across this mirror site, Thank you Russell. Good to see lots of familiar faces.

Sig, it's like a Glock but for adults.
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Ive been a member of Texas CHL Forum for over 10 years! and close to that. Sorry about Texas CHL Forum :cry:
Glad we can meet here and hopefully rebuild the database
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I was a member of TexasCHLForum for more than 5 years. I never posted much, but if I had a question about something, I always got quick answers from knowledgeable people there. I'm glad to see some of those folks here.

From what I've seen here so far, I'm guessing the other forum is down for good. That's a shame, but thanks for bringing this one up!

I landed over at the other forum last week and saw Russell's post over there this morning. That's how I got here.
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