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Cold Bore Tactical training videos on YouTube

Posted: Sat Mar 04, 2023 12:50 pm
by Mike s
It's been a discovery-learning process, but I'm getting the hang of creating educational videos & posting publicly for free onto YouTube.

The initial intent was to provide a resource for my students to review as they continued to practice the techniques they had just learned in class.

Rather than the "info-entertainment" angle, I choose the road less traveled of creating a series of deep-dive tutorials for anyone between brand new gun owners to instructors to armed professionals. After the initial intro to each video, I attempt to slow down the pace & speech patterns so it's easier to digest, especially for newcomers to shooting.

I'd really appreciate those on this forum to check out the YouTube channel, and if you find it useful to please Subscribe, Like, and Share with others in your circle of shooters. This would be much appreciated, as it will focus the YouTube algorithm on the correct target audience.

Cold Bore Tactical YouTube channel: ... irmation=1

Handgun Reloading Techniques:

Handgun Malfunction Drills Series:

New Handgun Owner Series (full length videos; most of the shorter videos in the other playlists on my channel are excerpts of these, since most people on YouTube have a short attention span...):

Re: Cold Bore Tactical training videos on YouTube

Posted: Thu Apr 13, 2023 7:14 pm
by Mike s

Newest video upload, detailing the steps I use for assisting a new shooter with selecting a handgun to fit their hand size.

Now I'm working on editing together a video with tips for those about to undergo support-side shoulder surgery to get back into their EDC routine as quickly as possible, with as few modifications as needed during the 3-6 month recovery period. ((I'm at 3-months post rotator cuff surgery now, so been shooting one-handed since January)).