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Jesus told his disciples, to sell their cloaks and buy a a sword. Not to sway the gospel at the point of a sword, but to defend their beliefs against a tyrannical government, and religion that sought to control it’s congregants through threats of death for disobedience.

This country was founded on the uncontested truth, that self defense, is a God-given right. That right cannot be denigrated, watered down, or removed, simply because some believe, that how we speak, worship, or how we choose our elected officials, gives them authority, to do so.

There is only one reason, anyone would want to disarm us. They fear the freedom, being armed, provides us.

Freedom of speech, gives them the right, to call us racist, misogynistic, islamaphobic, homophobic, and any other label they want to pin on us. But they know that unless they get our means of self defense, they cannot control us. That scares them more than anything. Election stealing, cancel culture, censorship etc. won’t give them full control, as long as we can still physically fight back. It breaks them into withering simpletons, when we stand arm in arm, with everyone who exercise their right of self defense, every race, religion, sexual orientation etc.

They think that threatening us with military might, is a deterrent. The military, is made up of us. How many soldiers do they think will actually attack American citizens, who have done no more than defy un-Constitutional laws?

Maybe I had an extra beer at lunch, while watching people walking in wearing masks, knowing that they were simply walking in lockstep, with those they considered their “betters” that got me fired up on this beautiful April day, but I have had enough! No more compromise, no more going along to get along. I will not sit and be silent, in hopes that my grandchildren will not be loaded onto boxcars.

Come and Take It!! My mantra, my message, everyday, in everything I do.

Thanks for listening to my rant!
Take Away The Second First, And The First is Gone in a Second!!

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