Mass Shootings: The Rise, The Cause and How We Fix It.

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Sun Jun 11th 2023, 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm CDT

Mass shootings and violence have become far too prevalent in our society and understandably, citizens want concrete answers and real solutions on this incredibly serious issue.
Our Expert Panelists will join us on Sunday, June 11th at the beautiful Hexa Event Center to discuss: The Rise of Mass Shootings, The Causes, and How We Fix The Problem.
Our panel will also be taking YOUR questions during our audience Q&A.

Our Special Guest Panelists Include:
Jerah Hutchins - Firearms Instructor, 2nd Amendment Advocate and Entrepreneur
John Burk - Combat Veteran, Political Commentator and Host of the All-American Savage Show
Yehuda Remer - Founder of the Pew Pew Jew, 2nd Amendment Author and Gun Rights Activist
Dr. Jeremy Cassius - Founder of Mental Pain & Trauma Center and Forensic Psychologist
Jon-David Wells - Host of the Wells-Report, Member of the Texas State Guard & Our Guest Moderator
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