Alec Baldwin to be charged with Manslaughter

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The New York Times: Alec Baldwin Will Be Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter in ‘Rust’ Killing. ... ldwin.html
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he should be, along with the armorer , and probably most of the production staff.
live rounds IMO should have never ever been allowed on a production set.
add in the knuckle heads doing target shooting after hours and somehow the live rounds migrated to the firearms used for props?

i am amazed at how cavalier the industry is about having live rounds on set
good thing is his trial is in new mexico. he should plead guilty and go to jail in bernalillo county jail...i can say from 1st hand ...its a shiiiit hole jail , no coffee, spotted meat lunch sandwich, spoiled milk, water so thick with "STUFF" you cant drink it, but can eat it with a spoon
the victims family should be awarded tons in damages
and people on the production crew should be never allowed to work in the industry again.
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