Any Family Members Opposed to LTC?

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I guess, I am very fortunate, in that everyone, in my immediate family, is on board with LTC, and/or gun ownership in general.( There may be distant cousins etc. that I have not spoken to in years that are not of the same mind set )
In discussions with friends and co-workers, many have revealed, that they have family members, who are not only opposed to LTC, but believe that gun ownership is the root of all evil. :angry-devil:

I was just curious, if any members here, have family, that do not share your affinity for the 2A, and the RTKBA?
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I have a daughter in law that thinks it is ridiculous that everyone else in my family, including her husband, carries pretty much 24/7. The only ones that don't are my grandkids and only because they are not yet old enough. I think all of my grandkids have already staked out which of my guns they want when I am gone :shock:
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My entire family line is pro gun, pro life and all Republicans since the day they ALL voted for Ronald Reagan I am talking cousins, aunts, uncles... all of them. Funny thing is, many of them voted for Jimmy Carter back in the days when you voted for who the union told you to. By coincidence, they are all also Christians who live the whole Christian lifestyle. Many retired military and a few who died while serving. We are also all originally from Kentucky. Eastern, to be specific so it kind of makes sense we have no leftist scum hanging off the tree.
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Most of my family is opposed to LTC.

The reason is they think it's ridiculous we have to get a license from the government to exercise a right enumerated in the Bill of Rights.
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The small number of family members I keep in contact with are mixed. A couple are against, a couple don't care, and a couple are for 2A rights.
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My dad's sibling and family all have carry permits, and regularly carry where they are legally allowed to (they do not live in Texas).

My brothers both enjoy shooting and say they would get their LTC, but neither of them have pursued it yet. I even offered to pay for the class for them.

One of my sister-in-laws grew up shooting, and I'm told is a better shot than my brother. She was more into rifles than handguns though. I have taken a couple of their kids shooting pistols though. Looking forward to ammo prices dropping so I can do that again.

The other sister-in-law? We'll just say she tends to lean on the other side if the aisle. I've had more than 1 conversation with her regarding handguns. She is of the opinion that there aren't enough background checks done and that firearms are too easy to obtain right now. Any time I bring up logical rebuttals, she just kind of shuts down and refuses to discuss any further.
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None that I know of are opposed to LTC. I know of probably half a dozen that do, and likely more.
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No one that I'm aware of, but there are a few candidates. They just haven't come right out and said anything to me. When I first got my CHL I told them all about it and that if any of them had an issue with me carrying in their homes to let me know and I wouldn't. At that time they were all supportive and encouraging. Over the years there seemed to be a shift in another area for a specific reason that pulled them to the left, but they've never really come out against firearms per se and as far as I know, they aren't. However, they avoid the issue with me.
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I'm in the minority in my extended family. Most of the rest beyond my parents and grandfather would be aghast that I would possess such killing tools let alone dare carry them in public. :)
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