How many of your LTC family members EDC?

Carry related chit-chat
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I know several of us have other family members who are also LTC holders. I was just curious as to how many carry everyday?

I'll start:
Mrs. Jusme: rarely carries, and then only in a carry purse. (despite my best efforts to convert her)
Jusme Jr.: About 50/50 OWB holster CC only
JusDaughter: Rarely carries, Purse only.
JusSIL: never carries, he has a holster I purchased, that is unused.
JusSister: Rarely carries purse only
JusBIL: EDC, with paddle holster that he puts in backpack in locker while at work (prohibited location)
JusMIL: rarely carries, Then purse carry only.

I am working on all of my family members, to EDC. I tell them carry everyday, or hope to guess right. :angry-nono:
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Mrs. VolTexan is a jeweler who owns her own retail jewelry store. She carries daily.
L’il Miss VolTexan is only 150 months old.
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Unfortunately, none of the rest of my family has an LTC. I have been nudging my brothers to get their LTC.

My youngest brother got married a bit over a year ago to a left leaning "common sense gun control" supporter.

The other brother's wife has little issue with guns, and was taught to shoot at a young age. I've even taken some of his kids out shooting. I took his oldest son out shooting a few years ago (first time using a firearm). Went over the rules of firearm safety. He was 7 at the time. The following year, I took him and his sister with me. When it came time to review Cooper's 4 rules....she interrupted me and said "I know! I know! Keep your booger hook off the bang switch until you're ready to pull the trigger". I asked her where she heard that. She replied that her brother told her. I was a proud uncle that day.
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My son, my wife, and I, carry daily. My daughter in law occasionally.
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I carry daily. My wife was a "almost never carries" but events of last summer have her carrying more, with a desire to train and carry even more. She likes to take me shopping so she doesn't have to carry. Son is still many years away. Mother in law is carrying more these days as well.... at a min has it in the car, she's also expressed desire for training!
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It's mainly me that carries. My FIL carries occasionally.
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Just me. My mother wants to get her license but hasn’t gone through the process yet.
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:flags-texas: It's extremely rare that Mrs slowpoke and myself are not carrying. Even at home, it's on me or beside me.
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I carry daily were I can. Work is off limits but l’m working on it.
Mrs.Trog carries daily
TrogSon1 rarely carry
TrogSon2 rarely carry
TrogDIL1 carries almost always
TrogDIL2 rarely, if ever, carries
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I just gave the Missus and my two boys their classes. My wife has her fingerprints scheduled for this week. Doubt she’ll carry much, but she does a bit of out of town travel (by car), so I can see times that she will.
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