Ammo Shortage/Range Time

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Wow, that's great to hear... glad people are out shooting and not just rat holing ammo!
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I have found ammo at Roy's Gun and Pawn in Irving. He has most calibers. It is a little pricier that what I have paid in the past but about the same as what I have found looking around. He had a 2 box per caliber limit unless you lay-a-way and you can get whatever you want .
As for range time, yes, I have dropped back considerably. I used to go at least once a week for a short session at lunch and/or every other weekend with my wife. Now it's just the every other weekend session with her.
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I’ve cut back somewhat, but not for lack of ammo, but for shooting buddies lack of ammo. I hate shooting alone. I also reload, and they don’t.
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