NRA Nat’l Firearms Museum Being Looted?

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NRA Nat’l Firearms Museum Being Looted? ... ng-looted/
“I’m the former senior curator for the NRA National Firearms Museum. Forced to retire after more than a year on furlough. Most NRA furloughed employees received no information on what was happening to the association. The designated staff chosen to “operate” various NRA functions were pretty much ones pledged to LaPierre.No matter what happens – I fear the NRA National Firearms Museum is toast. Believe they may have already sent part of the collection off for auction. When I went in to pick up my personal belongings (which was one heck of a process) – they would not let me, our museum registrar, or our FFL person into the galleries for even a goodbye photo. Interesting that they wouldn’t let an employee of 35 years (and the individual entrusted with the keys to every vault in the HQ) enter the galleries, but had allowed some VIP tours through previously.

“Millions of dollars are represented in the collection – just the Petersen Gallery held over $30 million and that was just the first gallery as you entered. The state of the HQ building is very bad presently – roof falling apart – they had to move the legal library from the 6th floor to another building next door because the roof collapsed in that area. Heard they believe it may take three more months to fully repair.”
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