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https://texas.gunowners.org/wp-content/ ... et_87R.pdf

SECTION ONE: Our Right to Bear Arms

Constitutional Carry
Ending “Gun-Free” Zones
Use-of-Force Protections
Reducing Carry Regulations
Further Infringing on the Right to Carry

SECTION TWO: Our Right to Keep Arms

Protection Against Federal Infringements
Repeal of Emergency Powers
Suppressor Freedom
Curtailing “No-Knock” Raids
“Red Flag” Gun Confiscation
Universal Background Checks
Gun Show Restrictions
Storage & Access Regulations
Firearm & Magazine Bans
Restrictions on Transfer & Possession

SECTION THREE: How YOU can Protect Your Rights

Gun Rights Action Items
Learn the Secrets of the Texas Legislature
Testimony & Committee Information
Quick Links & Contact Information
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I meant to post this, but got busy. Thanks
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