Actually got a phone call.

What state and federal bills might affect our self defense rights?
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I have been inundating my State Senator, and State House Rep. with emails, asking them to support pro 2A bills. including Constitutional carry, removal/reduction of prohibited locations for LTC holders, and State 2A sanctuary status.

Yesterday, my House Representative's staff member called me to let me know that he had received my e-mails, and thanked me for my pro 2A stance, and that he was going to be authoring, or co-authoring several pro gun bills this session. (nothing specific)

I usually only get an emailed response with non-committal language.

My House Rep is Dewayne Burns, and I will continue to push him for passage of pro gun legislation.

We have very little help in Washington right now, so our best hope is to continue to pressure our State Legislators.
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