Texas Democrats scamper like cowards

What state and federal bills might affect our self defense rights?
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Overpaid, elitist Texas Democrats run away on private jets, swilling cheap beer and tweeting instead of staying and doing their job. Hopefully will convert some Dems to vote Republican!

https://patriotretort.com/hungry-for-re ... e-cowards/
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They scamper like cowards because they are cowards. Socialists are always brave until confronted with facts and lack of being in power to do as they see fit.
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When they are in charge, we are told, "Shut up and take it. Elections have consequences." When they are not in charge, they throw a tantrum like a 3 year old because the dims don't want to acknowledge that elections have consequences.
Why is it so hard for politicians to understand "shall not be infringed?"
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https://donsurber.blogspot.com/2021/07/lady-democrats-are-super-spreaders.html#more wrote:But it turns out those scrappy rebels did more than make a mockery of democracy in the Lone Star State. It turns out these runaways (aka flee baggers) went to Washington and spread covid 19.

While the Democrat legislators claim they are all vaccinated, 6 of them got covid and they spread it to a member of Nancy Pelosi's posse and the White House.

Kamala Harris has been at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, since Friday for some routine tests. Maybe it is covid. Maybe it is not.

This raises questions of whether the infected actually got vaccinated.
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